Thursday 5 July 2012

Watching the Olympic Flame Go By

Wow! In an already eventful week, this afternoon topped it off. The whole school bundled onto coaches just before lunchtime and headed over to Wickham Market school where we first welcomed the Pyramid Flame from Sir Robert Hitcham, Framlingham.

We then joined the crowds on a very busy high street to await the arrival of the real Olympic Flame bearer.

After an exciting wait, the moment finally came. A thrill of excitement buzzed through the crowd as the procession began.

This built to a climax when the torch bearer jogged by.

Although it only lasted a a few moments, I'm sure the memory will be treasured by all those present. A huge thank you to all the people who made today possible.

Follow this link for all the photographs.

1 comment:

  1. How fantastic and what a memory for the children and adults who were able to witness the parade.Earl Soham school you give such great opportunities to children and parents alike. Thank you


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