Tuesday 3 July 2012

Sea, Sand and Plenty of Fun Just Goes to Show You Don't Need the Sun!

Paying no heed to the Great British Weather, all the classes set off this morning for a lovely day at the beach. We arrived at Southwold, where we were met by Mr Pearce, who had gone early to check out the quality of the fried breakfasts on the pier (apparently very tasty).

We ignored the grey clouds and set off along the seafront, enjoying the brisk breeze blowing in from the South-East. When we reached a suitably wide section of beach, we made camp and let the fun begin.

There were cracking sandcastle competitions:

Some fun geography fieldwork:

Plenty of paddling:

Parading on the pier:

Not to mention messy ice-creams:

What a fantastic day! A big thank you to the School Council, without whose planning today would never have happened. Thanks also to all the parents and staff who helped make the day so much fun.

Here are all the photos, for you to enjoy. (I haven't added the pictures from Yellow class yet, but if someone could let me have them, I'll make sure they are added to the collection.)


  1. A fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable day out with the wonderful children (& staff & assorted parents) of Earl Soham School. The bright, beaming smiles of the children were more than enough to make up for the lack of sunshine. When can we go again?

  2. I felt as if i'd been blown away but actually the sun would probably bhave made life more difficult than wind and rain - at least no-one was getting burnt! The children were really good and the screams at the waters edge just proved that it was chilly in there, not that they cared much!


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