Saturday 29 November 2014

Netball Success

On Friday afternoon, two teams headed off to the school netball tournament. They had worked hard in their practice sessions and after-school club, and their diligence and determination paid dividends. The teams were split into two heats with five or six teams in each. Both our teams won their first and second matches and continued trouncing the competition at every turn.

This led to an interesting final, as both Earl Soham A and B teams fought it out for the gold medal. Being so closely matched, it looked like the win would go to the B team at first, but a determined push led the A team to a 2-1 victory.

Huge congratulations to all who took part and to Dawn and Jennie for their excellent coaching. There will be photographs to follow, so come back soon to see the photographic highlights.

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Thursday 13 November 2014

Children in Need

This morning, in aid of Children in Need, pupils and staff dressed up in weird and wacky clothes for a donation. They also laid a copper trail around the school. The day was organised by one of our year six girls, and all the year six pupils became teachers for the morning, dividing between the three classes to cook biscuits with Red Class, make and test paper planes in Yellow Class, and develop games and animations using Scratch in Blue class. It was an interesting, and enjoyable, experience being a pupil for the morning in my own class and I think the year six children learnt a lot about the need for good organisation and an ability to think on your feet!

The children were collecting up and counting the coins during the afternoon, so we will hopefully be able to announce how much was raised in tomorrow morning's assembly. 

Remembrance Day

On Tuesday, at 11am staff and pupils gathered on the playground for a two minute silence to remember the soldiers and their families. Three girls read out a touching poem that they had written, before the church bells began to strike. 

Over lunchtime, the two eldest pupils laid memorial crosses on the village war memorial.