Friday 18 December 2015

Talent Show

On Wednesday afternoon we held our annual talent show. The children signed up to perform and shared a wide variety of interesting talents, from playing guitar and drums, to gymnastics and singing. There were sketches and comedy acts and performance poetry, and of course the usual slapstick falling-on-the-floor routine...

Well done to you all for taking part. X-Factor here you come!

Christmas Party

The Christmas party was held straight after our Christmas dinner, and the children had a fantastic time 'busting some moves' to the latest tunes. The PTFA supplied snack bags and drinks and we had an exciting visit from the man in the red coat - Father Christmas!

Thanks to all who helped make the afternoon so special for the children. 

There are lots of photos to look through below, so grab a mince pie and a cup of tea (or a glass of sherry if you prefer!) and settle down to see the highlights.

Christmas Dinner

On Thursday lunchtime, members of the school community came together to share a delicious Christmas dinner. The children sat down with members of the PTFA, younger siblings, staff and governors to enjoy Caroline's amazing cooking. It was a fantastic meal; thank you for all your hard work, Caroline!

Christmas Carol Service

On Monday we held our traditional carol service in St Mary's Church. The children gave readings of the Christmas story, while children in red class formed a nativity tableau. We enjoyed performances from soloists, a recorder duet, and group carols and songs. It was a fantastic evening, and the church was packed as always. The service was followed by mulled wine (for the adults) and mince pies back in the school hall. Thanks to the PTFA for organising this. 

Well done to all the children. You gave amazing performances and sounded beautiful. We are very proud of you all.

Friday 11 December 2015

Praise for our pupils

This week, children in Yellow and Blue Class headed into Ipswich, to the New Wolsey Theatre to see the annual Rock-and-Roll Pantomime. This year, it was The Sword in the Stone. As always the cast were magnificent and the show was funny, exciting and full of audience participation. Mr Mansell once again got hauled up on stage by Dame Bernadette Broadbottom, much to the amusement of pupils and staff.

We received this message from a member of the audience late on Wednesday evening and were delighted to hear that our children didn't let us down:

A group of your pupils went to see the Sword in the Stone at the New Wolsey this afternoon.

We were sitting in the row immediately in front of the block of seats you had booked and I have to admit that we were rather taken aback when we realised that there were going to be so many children directly behind us.

However, their behaviour was excellent and I was very impressed by it. They were very good ambassadors for your school. The adults with them made sure that their excitement at being there didn't disrupt things for everyone else. Their enthusiasm and enjoyment was contagious - somebody sitting in front of me said that it was more fun than the evening performances because the children were so involved.
Also, their shouting was excellent!
It is good to know that through all this jolity, the children maintained exemplary behaviour

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Wall of Fame

Wednesday 2 December 2015

New Play Equipment

This afternoon, in assembly, the School Council unveiled some brand-new play equipment purchased for each of the classes. After much discussion and surveying during the term, the children chose and ordered a new balance bike for Red Class and a set of scooters for Yellow and Blue Classes.

They were very excited to show off their purchases, and reminded everyone about the importance of respecting the equipment by taking good care of it.

A team of year six pupils was tasked with the job of tidying the play shed at lunchtime, and did a marvelous job of organising the equipment. The new bike and scooters will now have a nice tidy home! Well done School Council for your hard work.

PTFA Christmas Fayre 2015

Yesterday we held our annual Christmas Fayre, organised by our super PTFA. The hall was packed with people playing games such as 'pin the hat on Santa', and eating sandwiches, cakes and confections. There were Christmas craft activities to keep the kids busy, and a secret room where the children could find the perfect gift for mum and dad. The choir gave a performance of four Christmas songs, and it was great to see past pupils popping in to say listen and say hello. There was even a stall selling reindeer food and droppings!

Thank you to everyone involved in making the Fayre a success.

Friday 13 November 2015


We started by going off in a mini bus to Stradbroke High School. The first match we played was against St. Botolphs Primary School B and we won 7-2.

After that, our heads were high and our winning streak carried on as we beat Thordon 2-0. It was our toughest match so far and we drew against Bedfield primary school 1-1. After that we were determined and beat Gislingham Primary School 2-0 again. 

Then the results came in and we came 1st in our group, so then we went into the semi-finals against Eye Primary School. Sadly, we lost 2-1, so that meant we played  Bedfield Primary School and we lost 1-0. So in the end we came 4th, which is amazing for such a small school!

Written by two of the team members.

Wall of Fame

The Egg (continued)

Below are two videos. The first is an interview with the two year five boys who made the startling discovery of the giant egg, and the second is a compilation of clips from events of the last few days.

From The Egg

Tuesday 10 November 2015

The Egg!

On Monday morning, an unusual surprise awaited us in the school grounds. Over the weekend a creature unknown had visited the school and laid an egg in a break in the hedges, behind the train. This was no normal egg, however. Measuring nearly 60cm high and 40cm across, this egg was a monster! It quickly drew the attention of the all the children, having initially been spotted by two year five boys. The find was quickly cordoned off and the relevant authorities informed. 

Back in the classroom there was much discussion about what kind of creature might have laid it. A second viewing led to further discoveries, including:
  • a slimy residue on the picnic benches (pictured below);
  • a part-eaten apple core;
  • and scratch marks in the grass. 
The children quickly surmised that the adult creature could be herbivorous, or omniverous, and great care was taken to keep a watch on the area in case she returned to the nest. 

The local police put the school in contact with the National Museum for Strange Objects (, who were quick to respond with advice on caring for the egg. 

On Tuesday, the NMSO sent a scientist, Professor R. Turner, to pay the school a visit. He took a range of measurements, working out the circumference, temperature and viscosity, and used a special machine to x-ray the egg and record sounds from within. 

The local vets, Earl Soham Vets, also sent representatives to check the health of the embryo by listening in with their stethoscope. They were unfortunately unable to identify the species of animal that laid the egg, but gave good advice in keeping it safe until such time as it hatches.

Thursday 5 November 2015

Cross Country

This morning, our year four, five and six pupils took part in a very muddy Cross Country around the grounds of Framlingham College. I am very proud of everyone for taking part and completing the course. We have a number of children going through to the next stage at Mellis in the Spring, including one year-six girl who achieved a third-place medal.

Well done, children, and thanks too to the many parents who lent their support and encouragement.