Friday 13 July 2012

DanceEast Performance

What a fantastic performance!

Thursday 12th July saw the culmination of weeks and weeks of hard work in putting together a dance worthy of performance in public, by the 14 members of Mrs Jarvis's after school club. Boy was it worthy! When I saw their final rehearsal in school I was moved to tears, today they took it to the real stage at Jerwood House, home of DanceEast, Ipswich. After a technical rehearsal in the morning,where Mrs Jarvis put in the finishing touches, the very excited children returned in the evening to showcase their work alongside 6 other school groups. They were superb!! Even though by this time I had seen it 3 or 4 times, each time I spotted something new that I hadn't seen on a previous occasion, such was the variety of movement, use of space, timing, paired and individual work...I could go on!

We were not allowed to film in the evening, but the video above is from our rehearsal. The photos below are from the mass warm-up, just before the show started, from the hairdressing salon in Red Class at the end of school (thank you Mrs Robinson) and of the children showing their appreciation to Mrs Jarvis. Thank you so much Mrs J. - they were great!

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  1. What a fantastic evening. The months of hard work really paid off fculminating in a truly memorable performance. It was simply magnificent to see you on stage, oozing confidence and clearly enjoying what you were doing. This was an opportunity you so richly deserved for you commitment to the dance group over the year. You have achieved something memorable and I am so pleased for you and proud of you - what you did takes 'guts'. It also showed our school at its very best - boys and girls of all ages coming together to do something magnificent. Many thanks to everyone involved for giving the children such an opportunity.


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