Monday 30 September 2013

My Day at Framlingham Castle

The following three posts are recounts of our trip last week.

My Day at Framlingham Castle
On Tuesday the 24th of September, green class went to the amazing Framlingham Castle where Kings and Queens used to live. So we had a smashing day going on the wall walk, around the moat, and looking at the Kings and Queens things in the museum but the best thing was going around the wall walk because it had the most butiful sights and you can see for miles. Next, after the wall walk, we went into a museum packed with old stuff like very old shoes that didn't have velcro and a marching band jacket that was in a very old band years and years ago.

by Maddy

My Day at Framlingham Castle

On Tuesday 24th green class went to Framlingham Castle for the morning. My group went on the wall walk we had to go up a spirell staircase. On the wall walk we saw lots of things like the mere and the well. After the wall walk we went to the museum. Our group leader gave us all a worksheet with lots of questions to answer. When we had finished our sheet, we went into the exhibition room to look at the things that were there. The next thing we did was walk around the castle. Finally we had lunch.

by Lucy

Fram Castle

On Tuesday year 3- and above went to Fram castle. One to see the castle and find out some stuff for our leaflets and 2 to do a survey to the public. But I don't like talking to strangers. So lukerly Alice's gran walked by and I asked her and then Jenny cardan walked by and I asked her. What! I was too scared to do it.

By Tamsin

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Framlingham Trip

This morning all 48 children in Green Class, accompanied by staff and parent helpers, headed to Framlingham where we spent the morning exploring the castle. We learnt that the castle was built by Roger Bigod, the Earl of Norfolk in the 12th Century and later found fame when Mary Tudor was crowned queen whilst staying there. In the 17th Century the castle was bought by Sir Robert Hitcham and a poor house was erected on the site to serve the local community.

In the afternoon, we headed out into the town to do some geography fieldwork. The first task was to find out about the regulations and charges in the car parks around the town. This was followed by surveying the townspeople and visitors to find out their thoughts on the introduction of further parking charges.

Our job now is to take all this raw data and input it into a database so that we can analyse the results. We hope to be able to present our findings to interested parties and to the town council when we have collated all the information.

I have included a small selection of photographs from the day above. There will be many more to follow (they will be added to the slideshow below) when we have downloaded them from the cameras that the children took with them.

Monday 23 September 2013

Harvest Lunch

It was wonderful this lunchtime to see so many parents and grandparents able to join us to celebrate at our harvest lunch. There were lots of smiling faces and everyone certainly looked to be enjoying the fabulous roast dinner produced by our wonderful cook, Caroline, who served nearly one hundred dinners! 

Thank you, Caroline, and thank you to all our visitors for joining us today. 

Harvest Festival

This morning saw the whole school troop over to the church for our Harvest Festival celebrations. The many gifts of food brought into school had been placed in the chancel and the church had been decorated beautifully with examples of our county's bounty. 

The children listened well as Mr Pearce talked about the importance of food to everyone, people and animals alike, and the many varieties of food available around the world. And even the distraction of a robin flying between roof struts did not disturb their concentration as they heard Reverend Brian talk about eyes of potatoes, ears of corn, heads of celery, hands of bananas and artichoke hearts and the way that each of these foods reminds us of our responsibilities to others and the importance of loving one another.

Each class sung a harvest song. Orange Class gave a heart-warming rendition of Cauliflowers Fluffy, complete with actions and Green Class reminded the congregation that teamwork was the key to success in The Enormous Turnip Song

Finally, everyone sang together a rousing performance of Food, Glorious Food from Oliver. 

K'nex Challenge

Last week the year 3 and 4 pupils from Green Class were set the task of connecting up a motor to an axle and making it turn.

The groups worked hard and while all groups completed the first task, two of the groups went a step further to work out how to add wheels to the axle and stop them turning independently.

Friday 20 September 2013

Writer of the Week

Wall of Fame

School Council Elections

On Thursday the school voted for this year's School Council Chairman and Vice Chair. Each of the three candidates pictured below were asked to write a letter of application which they read out in assembly on Tuesday. They each made a series of manifesto promises and the rest of the school were asked to judge them on their speeches and their ideas.

It was very tense as the votes poured in and the final tally was very close. With only one boy in year six this year, there was much talk about the possibility of a female Chair, but it was not to be. Our only year six boy took the role with 28 votes. With 23 votes, the position of Vice-Chair went to a young lady who only joined us last year and has clearly made a very positive impression.
Unfortunately not everyone could get the job, but the third candidate achieved an impressive 20 votes. Well done to all three of you for putting yourselves forward. The school looks forward to seeing the impact you will have this year.

Tuesday 10 September 2013

My First Day in Blue Class

Guest Post by Alice (Y4)

I came back to school and it felt weird not lining up in the yellow class line. We went in and Mr Mansell did the register and then told us what we wer dowing today. He said we wer sewing so we got into groups. I was with Hollie, Charlie and Laura. We took sum pichers of each uver and then we put it onto the mitereal. Then we had to sew our name on the mitereal. We decorated it with buttons.