Tuesday 25 May 2010

A Groovy Smoothie Week

Whilst many of the Year 6 children were having their African Adventure, the remaining children in Years 4, 5 & 6 spent the week working on a variety of activities relating to 'smoothies'.

DAY 1: The children tasted 7 different smoothies and had to try to work out what the ingredients might be. They also looked at describing the colours (I particularly liked 'muddy pig pink' and 'scorched wheat yellow') and checking the actual contents of every smoothie.

DAY 2: Today's activities mainly revolved around maths (measuring the cartons and making a 'net' of their own carton) and art & design (planning and creating the designs for their carton). Once the designs, complete with company logo had been completed, the nets were then put together to create a carton. Some children then decided to push their designs a little further by adding a spout with a screw on cap for pouring.

DAY 3: Having meticulously planned the ingredients they were going to use for their own smoothie, the children were involved in a day of activities revolving around recipes. The children looked at a range of examples (some good, some not so good) to help create a checklist for 'What makes an effective recipe?' Having planned their recipe thoroughly, every child then completed a final version to be followed the next day.

DAY 4: The children arrived looking like they'd just won a trolley dash in the local greengrocers. Fruits of all shapes and sizes were on show along with a range of milks and juices. The fruit was prepared, following the recipes and with a whizz or too of the blender, glorious smoothies were created. They were very good as could clearly be seen by the surrounding areas of many children's mouths!

DAY 5: To finish off, children worked on creating an advertising 'jingle' for their product. They also worked on compiling the data from the taste test and representing it through pictograms.