Wednesday 19 May 2010

African Adventure - Day 3

Today the children faced a further set of difficult challenges, which were overcome by working as a team. They began by empathising with the villagers who had escaped the village, by creating their own temporary shelter in the woods. A team leader was elected to organise collections and building teams.

The next activity was to build a water-pipeline to supply the village with water. This was a tricky task that needed careful thought to arrange the posts and pipes accurately to allow the water to run.
After lunch we considered how many African people have to travel on long journeys to reach help in times of illness, often crossing rivers on rickety bridges. The children worked together in teams, supporting one another on the low ropes course, to help them imagine what such a journey might be like.

Shortly before dinner, we headed down to the beach to enjoy the sea air and sunshine. Some children took the opportunity to bury their friends in the stones, while others just enjoyed being beside the water.

We are off now to our campfire, so must be going.

Mosuwe signing off.