Monday 31 March 2014

African Adventure Day 1

We, the Emergency Relief Team, have arrived at our accommodation beside the African Village. The weather is warmer than we are used to, but we are beginning to adjust.

Our first tasks on arrival involved getting to know our fellow team members. We were divided into sub-groups ( Lions, Elephants and Hyenas) and began with some problem-solving and team-building activities.

We then began to get our bearings around the site, using maps to orient ourselves.

Following a break for lunch, we began to explore the site in more detail. We discovered a number of features, including five abandoned African huts in a village compound; a minefield beside it; an archery range; and a graveyard. In our teams, we used what we had found to build physical maps of the site.

We are beginning to piece together what has happened here after finding a box dropped by the UN. It seems the villagers have been driven out by raiding soldiers, and have no access to food or water. There is also a minefield outside the village which needs to be cleared.

We began to solve the first problem, by finding food in the forest to restock the supplies.

At the end of our first day, we have only just begun, but feel proud of our achievements so far. We have a big task before us, but are hopeful that we will be up to the job!

This is Mosuwe, signing off for today. I'll be in touch again tomorrow.

Here are all our photographs from today.

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