Friday 26 April 2013

African Adventure Day 5

Now feeling somewhat weary, but proud of our achievements so far, we had one final challenge ahead of us to make the village safe. We had to find a way of purifying the water supply to give the villagers clean drinkable water.

We used some very simple equipment to build a water filter on the beach, using different sized stones to trap the dirt. By repeatedly running our water through our filter, we were able to make it much cleaner.

However, it wasn't yet drinkable - just like the water for two-thirds of the world's population. However, a rapid water filter installed in the village, which used the same principles as our own, but using layers of sand, was able to do the job much more effectively. The water we started with, which was full of mud, leaves and goodness knows what else, was finally as clear as any we might get from a tap and safe to drink.

Our job in Karyango village was complete. We had succeeded in our task of making the village safe for people to return to. Yet this is not the end of our work. Before we left, we learnt that through our actions this week a real village in South Sudan had been supplied with one of these rapid water filters at a cost of just £40. Such a small amount that will change the lives of a family in Africa. As we left we were set one further challenge for the coming weeks: to raise money to provide more of these water filters and begin to redress the balance, so that one day we will be able to say that everyone has access to that fundamental human right: clean, safe water.

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