Tuesday 23 April 2013

African Adventure Day 2

After a restful night, listening to the sound of the waves breaking on the shore, we prepared for another day of hard work and adventure. Today, we had some important tasks to complete to help the villagers make a successful and safe return.

We divided into four teams to complete our challenges: archery - to shoot food for the village...

Shelter building - where we learnt how the escaping villagers made a temporary shelter when fleeing from the attacking soldiers...

Following a hearty lunch of jacket potatoes and salad, our group divided into two teams. One team headed back into the woodland to complete a further, more complex, orienteering exercise. This was finished quickly, allowing time for some rest and relaxation. A water fight ensued and was followed by an opportunity for some of the girls to set up a hair salon. I think Mr Ngwenya came off worst!

When the salon closed, we enjoyed a time for reflection and contemplation as we learnt about life beads and the importance of beads in African culture.

We then planned and produced our own life beads: a bracelet with beads to represent key moments in our lives.

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