Friday 17 June 2011

Thomas Mills - Science of the Circus

On Tuesday, children in years five and six visited Thomas Mills High School for a day of activities based around the Science of the Circus.

In the morning the children worked with Mr Gionis in the DT room to produce a tightrope walker toy. The children enjoyed using the coping saws and pillar drill and everyone produced a toy to take home.

In the afternoon, Mr Halls introduced the children to a series of experiments in the science lab. They worked in teams to build a high-dive tower, and find out the science behind the human cannonball, and experimented with different chemicals to find out how fireworks get their colours.

The afternoon finished with a bang (literally) as Mr Halls demonstrated how hydrogen and oxygen could be combined to make water. He also wowed his audience by turning water into wine, back to water and finally into milk.

Enjoy the photographs!

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