Wednesday 3 June 2015

African Adventure Day 3

The challenges continue on day 3, as we experience what it would be like for our villagers to access medical support from their village. For many, the only source of medicine is via a mercy ship or a long walk to the nearest hospital. This could involve crossing narrow rope bridges, and this is exactly what we faced today. 

The journey would have been almost impossible to make alone, but working as a team made it much more manageable.

For some children, the journey to school is very different to our own, involving difficult climbs. We tested ourselves against the traversing wall to experience a moment in their lives.

Another of the problems we had to solve for the village was to bring back a food supply. We practised our archery skills to bring food back.

The afternoon involved some more orienteering, followed by a spot of free time on the beach.

This was followed by a special African dinner. This evening's activity involves trading crops and learning about the difficulties that many African countries face.

Lots more to do tomorrow. Bye for now.


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