Friday 5 June 2015

African Adventure Day 5

We survived the night! Now we know that the village is habitable once again, and we have just one more problems to solve before the villagers can move back in. 

The water we collected in our race yesterday was not clean enough to drink, so we needed to find a way of filtering it. We built our own filters using the stones on the beach and produced water which looked much cleaner.

The water source, however, was still a long way from the village, so we built a pipeline to transport the water directly into the village.

Finally, our task was complete. The final stage was to pass our collected water through a slow sand water filter. This works in a similar way to the filters we built on the beach, but is much more effective, producing water that is of drinkable quality.

We learnt that our attendance this week has benefited a real African community, with enough money being donated to Samaritan's Purse to pay for a water filter to be installed in an African village.

In the last ten years, the percentage of the global population with access to clean drinking water has risen from just 33% to approximately 90%. But there is still work to do. With 10% of the world still relying on dirty water supplies, that's 700 million people who still need our help.

Our challenge now is to continue to raise money to buy more water filters and support the work of the charities who are helping to eradicate this problem.

It has been an amazing adventure, but all good things must come to an end. As we head home to our families, we can reflect on all that we have achieved and the friendships we have built.

For the final time, this is Mosuwe, saying farewell.

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