Tuesday 2 June 2015

African Adventure Day 2 (Part 1)

Day 2, and another emergency has arisen. Three of the teachers are ill. Mr Mansell has ameobic dysentery, Mr Ngwenya has typhoid and Mrs Exton has been struck down with cholera! Thankfully the emergency relief team were able to diagnose their illnesses quickly and know exactly which medicines they need to make them feel better.

The doctor was called for, but due to a flash flood, his jeep was swept off the road. Luckily the key to the medicine box was attached to a life-buoy and was discovered floating in the nearby pool. A bridge will be needed to reach it though...

Meanwhile, the problems in the village still need solving. We began by trying to piece together what may have happened to the villagers. We discovered the remains of some temporary shelters near to the village, and decided to build our own to see if this might shed some light on their disappearance.

Next, we tried to figure out how to reach that key...

A collection of wood was swept onto the bank of the pool by the floodwater, and we lashed it together to form a rudimentary structure that would allow us to cross to the life-buoy. 

It took a great deal of teamwork to put the bridge together, but it supported the weight of every member of the team...

Even me!

The key was retrieved, but there is no sign of the medical box. Perhaps it will be found later.


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