Thursday 4 July 2013

Suffolk Schools Jam!

Earlier this evening, following a morning of technical rehearsals, two groups of children performed at the Suffolk Schools Jam held at DanceEast. One group consisted of current pupils in Years 3 -6, whilst the other group consisted of ex-pupils who are now in Year 7 at Thomas Mills.
Both groups were simply majestic. It is almost impossible to express how good they were and how proud of them we are. Sadly, photography was not allowed so a pictorial record doesn't exist, but vivid memories will linger long in the mind. So good was it that many a tear could be seen in the eyes of parents and grandparents alike
Mrs Jarvis has done yet another incredible job in inspiring these children to such a high standard, whilst never forgetting the importance of enjoyment. Thanks also to Mrs Barker for her continued support.
Finally, thank you to everyone who supported this children in a real team effort, I'm sure that you'll agree that all the hard work was well and truly worth it.
Alice B, Bella, Rebecca, Poppy, Alice K, Emily, Joanne, Joseph, Sophie, Laura, Grace, Molly, Katie, Sadie, Jamie and 'old hands' Jeremy, Natalie, Jasmine, Jack and Ellie you were absolutely brilliant!

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  1. I wouldn't have missed it for the world - and yes, you brought those tears to my eyes again!!
    Very well done everyone. Having seen your last rehearsal in school and then the transformation once you got onto the bigger stage - amazing! Also to see the developments the older group have made - fantastic! It would have been so easy to give up once you got settled into high school but no. LONG may it last. I know Mrs Jarvis is tremendously proud of every single one of you and thanks you all for the lovely flowers. (I will have to teach her how to blog!)
    See you all soon.
    Mrs B.


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