Thursday 29 March 2012

Quicksticks Hockey Tournament

For some of our older children this has been an extremely busy sporting week, what with cross-country, tag rugby and after school dance club all yesterday, and you could have been forgiven for thinking they might have been a little tired today! Not a bit of it! We set off for Debenham wondering what it would be like, never having entered a Quicksticks tournament before and the first few minutes of the first game were a little hairy, going one nil down. BUT - we soon got into our game and ran out winners 2-1. There then followed another win, and another.. and another! Did we dare hope?
Looking at the match schedules I was thinking - eight games without a break, on fast astroturf, only 4 players in a team, we'll surely run out of steam.
However, the team were SUPERB! They worked as a team, no-one 'hogged' the ball, they passed brilliantly, defended well when they had to, and the tally of victories went up to 6 in a row.
The seventh match - against Mellis - was the toughest yet, but we were going well right up until the end when they scored from a corner. Hopes were dashed at this point, but we didn't have time to be down for long as we had one more game to play. We won that one, so 7 wins out of 8 was pretty impressive, but was it enough? We weren't sure.
Moving over to the presentations, 3rd place was given out as Fressingfield, the suspense was building,
2nd was given as Mellis, hooray - yes - Earl Soham were the winners! Fantastic!
I was so proud to be there this morning to witness a great team effort. WELL DONE!!


  1. It was just great to see the look on your faces when you returned to school - it makes it all worthwhile. Well done, you're a bunch of stars!

  2. How proud as parents we were to see such a fantastic team effort from all six of the children representing Earl Soham. You were a credit to the school. Congratulations on your gold medals. Well done.


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