Thursday 1 March 2012

How Hill - Day 2 (Evening)

This afternoon saw the children take part in two very different activities. Again, they were split into two groups, changing over halfway through the afternoon.
Owl pellet dissection was incredible, although the looks on some of the children's faces may suggest otherwise! It was simply incredible discovering the wide range of bones which the owls had been unable to digest.
The other activity was thatching. The children worked in small groups to thatch a section of roof. Their efforts were then judged on appearance, teamwork and waterproof factor. Waterproof factor was by far the most interesting category for judging as it involved a team member standing under their thatched piece and then having a bucket of water thrown at them...
And so ended another great day.

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  1. It looks like you have all had a fabulous day! You have been so lucky with the weather. I'm jealous that I wasn't with you, not that we didn't also have a great day back at school. Have a good night's sleep and a great day tomorrow.

    Mr Mansell


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