Monday 27 September 2010

Veteran Visit

Blue Class had the honour today of being visited by World War II veteran, Captain Albert Pond, tank commander with the Desert Rats. He spoke to the children about his experiences of war, fighting in the battle of El Alamein as a tank commander and taking part in the invasion of Italy. He talked of the blistering desert heat that he and his men had to endure, and explained why water is such a precious resource when you have so little available. He recounted the injuries he had sustained in duty and the problems they faced with flies, scorpions and dung beetles! He shared the story of how he came to possess a Hitler-Youth knife, given as a gift of thanks by a German Officer for an act of kindness towards his two young children.

His stories were both moving and interesting and the children were gripped by what he had to say. Through his words, the children were able to glimpse the stark realities of war and what it must have been like for those on the front line. We offer our most heart-felt thanks to Captain Pond for offering to share his memories with us, and for the difficulties he had to endure that we might be free from tyranny.

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