Thursday 30 September 2010

Captain Albert Pond

Guest Post by Arran, age 9.

I remember when Captain Albert Pond told us about when he went in the desert. I remember the flies - they were big ones! He was the captain of the tank regiment.

When he got to Italy he lifted the lid of his tank and a German sniper shot his wrist. It recovered eventually.

When he got back to Italy, at the top of a hill was a house (Monte Cassino Ed.) which the British were trying to shoot. Soon they had to break through the wall.

They went to Germany. They stopped and Captain Pond went for a walk in the woods, where he saw two children. One was itching their arm. He looked at them and looked at their mattresses. There were lice. He got a tin of dusting powder and spread in on the mattresses. The German gave him a Hitler-Youth dagger.

By Arran

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