Friday 4 April 2014

African Adventure Day 5 Update

We had solved all but one last problem: the water we collected for the village was not suitable for drinking. It was going to need to be filtered, but all we had was a bucket, some tin cans, a length of hosepipe and a piece of cloth! This problem nearly had us beaten, but with some clever engineering we managed to rig up a simple filter and began to clean our water. 

Although the results looked better than the water that went in, we still weren't keen on drinking it.

Thankfully, a charity, Samaritans' Purse, had the answer we were looking for: a slow sand water filter. This simple (and cheap) concrete box, with its layers of gravel, coarse and fine sand, was just what was needed to turn our dirty water into something drinkable.

We have completed the mission that we were sent here for. The village is now ready once more to hear the sounds of life.

Our week of hard work has paid off, and by attending this week, we have been able to provide a real family in Africa with a water filter and changed their lives for the better.

Our African Adventure is over, but as we return to our daily lives in Suffolk, we are much more aware of just how fortunate we are. And now we have a new task - to raise money for more water filters to help families all over Africa to have access to something we take for granted: clean water.

This is Mosuwe, for the last time, signing off.

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