Tuesday 1 April 2014

African Adventure Day 2

After a restful night's sleep, this morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of cereal and toast.

Unfortunately, three of the team's elders (me included) were struck down with Amoebic Dysentery, Cholera and Typhoid after breakfast and it is up to the younger members of the group to help find us the necessary medicines to ensure our survival!

With this in mind, plus the problems identified yesterday, we had our work cut out.  There was news of a doctor in the area, but he had unluckily been caught in a flash flood and his jeep sewpt off the road. All that remained were the keys to the medical supply chest which he had attached to the life-ring on the top of his vehicle. Each group attempted to build a bridge across the lake to reach the keys.

We also set out to clear the minefield and prepare it for the villagers' return.

The team had to cross the raging rivers left by the flood on rope bridges. This required careful planning and good team-work.

After all our hard work, the elders were saved when the medicine chest was found. We then enjoyed a short respite on the beach.

We have more activities ahead of us this evening. I will keep you updated with our progress.

Mosuwe, signing out.

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