Wednesday 2 April 2014

African Adventure Day 3

Today we set out to solve a number of problems facing the village. Firstly, we tried to understand how it would have felt for the villagers when the attack came and they had to escape into the wilderness. One of their immediate needs would have been to find shelter from the hot midday sun, and to keep them warm and dry during the cold nights. We sett about building our own shelters from natural materials we could find around us.

We then headed out onto the plains to hone our archery skills and begin to restock the village's food supplies in preparation for the villagers' return.

After a welcome break for lunch, we experienced the sort of journey that some African children have to face on a daily basis just to get to school. We traversed a 'cliff face' using the hand- and footholds we could find, even having to climb through difficult cracks in the rock and avoid poisonous snakes.

Our afternoon task was to collect firewood ready for our camp fire tomorrow.

Next, we took some quiet time to reflect on our lives. We produced strings of life beads as is the local tradition among many African tribes.

We are off to dinner shortly. We still have lots of work ahead of us tomorrow, but we are optimistic now that we will be able to save the village.

Mosuwe, signing off.

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