Wednesday 7 December 2011

Red Class Trip - 'PENGUIN'

This morning, Red Class visited the Wolsey Studio in Ipswich to see a performance of 'Penguin' by Long Nose Puppets. The show was based on the book by Polly Dunbar where a young boy (Ben) receives a penguin as a present.
Unfortunately, nothing seems to make the penguin talk - even some audience participation in singing, blowing 'raspberries' and pulling silly faces didn't help!
The children had a great time interacting with the puppets, which they got to meet at the end of the show.
There were gasps when Ben was eaten by a passing lion, followed by laughter when the penguin bit the lion on the nose and made him 'cough up' Ben.
Read Class, you were fantastic - we hope that you enjoyed the show as much as the adults!


  1. This looks like great fun! I can'r believe the penguin didn't talk even when he saw all those funny faces...

    Mr Harrison
    Miriam Lord, Bradford.

  2. Great to see your comments Mr Harrison, thank you for viewing our blog.
    Keep in touch
    Karl Pearce - Headteacher


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