Friday 2 December 2011

Early Evening News...Friday 2nd December.

The pirate ship has been sunk!
Red class this afternoon received another letter - a cry for help from Sweep! It was addressed to the Red Rescuers ( if you recall they rescued the mermaid earlier in the week), but they needed to enlist the help of Yellow Class and Jennie ( because she was the tallest) for the mission to succeed.

They had to teach the pirate dance to Yellow Class, then we all had to do it together! Chaos - but mission accomplished - Sweep was rescued and returned safe and sound to Mr Pearce.

The ship sadly floundered in the storm - and is no more.


  1. It is great to see how you have been collaborating and working together. This will help you achieve great things. I love your blog by the way and can't wait to check back and see the exciting things you do.

    Mr Harrison
    Miriam Lord, Bradford.

  2. Well done for all of this, the pirate week has been all the conversation in our house this week the kids seemed to have had really great fun.


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