Wednesday 30 November 2011

What's going on in our school hall?

On Tuesday 29th November we all arrived at school to find warning tape around the hall doors and a no entry sign on the window. Having been given clearance to investigate, the Year 2 children discovered that a cardboard pirate ship had mysteriously appeared overnight! Being intrigued and very inquisitive they set about thinking about why it was there and who it belonged to. (Strangely co-incidentally they had only been watching Peter Pan the day before as part of literacy.) Many ideas rebounded around the rest of the class - some thinking that pirates were off burying treasure in the hideouts - or even the ship might be a decoy and they are really marauding around Earl Soham.

On Wednesday morning the children were startled to find the mermaid from Red Class had been kidnapped, and was tied to the mast by her hair! There was also a pair of boots lying nearby.

Red Class Children, at first, thought Yellow Class had kidnapped her but they had a note delivered to their classroom saying "We kidnapped your mermaid, haarr! Don't tell those scurvy yellow kids!"

Well - Yellow Class were a little indignant at this as you can imagine, and protested their innocence, loudly!
After lunch Red Class found another note claiming to be from the mer-nappers saying "We might release her if you do a dance for us, haaarrr!!"  So Red Class did successfully perform a dance and managed to rescue their mermaid safely.
But what will tomorrow bring...?

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