Thursday 10 November 2011

K'nex Challenge

In Blue Class this week, we began experimenting with K'nex as we will be using it to produce a motor-controlled vehicle or fairground ride. In the first session the children were set a challenge to build a stable tower that could hold a weight of 500g. They were in competition with other groups, and were aiming to make their tower the tallest.

The children learnt that good teamwork was essential, and that a wide base meant their towers could be taller whilst still being stable. They also discovered that triangular shapes gave their towers greater rigidity.

The tallest tower was over 80cm high, and easily supported the 500g weight. Its robust design meant it was also 'earthquake proof', something we tested by shaking the table on which it stood!

Here are some of the pictures of the work in progress and finished towers.

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