Sunday 13 December 2009

Control Technology with K'nex

Children in Blue Class have been working on a project which combines DT, Science and ICT, to create controllable vehicles using K'nex.

The children began by following instructions to make a simple K'nex vehicle. They then worked out how to connect a motor to make the vehicle move.

Alongside this work, they were also learning about circuits in Science lessons, and how to write computer programs using flowcharts (control technology) in ICT lessons.

The children were set a final task of combining all that they had learnt to create their own vehicle, which would hold a FlowGo box.

These boxes could be programmed using Flowol software and have various outputs (e.g. motors and lights) connected, to bring the vehicles 'to life'.

Here are some of the resulting vehicles. Click on the pictures to see larger versions, and scroll down to watch some videos of the vehicles in action.