Thursday 5 March 2009

World Book Day

Today's theme was dressing up as a book character. Some of the costumes included: Spiderman, Ben 10, fairy tale/Disney characters, witches, Harry Potter characters and many more...

Many of the staff were very imaginative with their costumes. Mr Mansell is now known as 007, Mrs Barker as Tigger and Mrs Stoney, Mrs Castle and Mrs Johnson dressed as the three bears with Jenny as Goldilocks.

In the morning we received a giant letter from Mrs Giant, asking for our help. The main story was based on Jack and Beanstalk.

As you probably know, Jack climbs up the beanstalk, but the Giant's story has a bit of a twist as Jack commits a crime of stealing from the giants.

Blue class held a court case to see if Jack was innocent or not. They performed it in front of the school who decided whether he was guilty.

Yellow class were making a creative beanstalk in the hall (and we are sure we can climb it soon).They also wrote poems about the story.

Red class however were writing wanted and missing posters along with letters to cheer up the giantess. They also performed a dance to tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.