Monday 4 November 2013

The Great Storm - guest posts by Bella and Matty, year five

Bad news - A few days ago we were listening to bbc radio 2 and heard that there was a storm dew very soon. Now you may think we always have storms but this was not going to be any ordinary storm though. The weather predictors forecasted it to be like the storm of 1988. That storm brung down trees, made houses sway and even killed people!
This storm was just the same. Trees fell down, houses swayed and people died. At dunwich heath they lost power for a day and the woodland areas were cut of to anybody because the trees had become dangerous. My best friend lost her power for roughly a week! She said one thing that may become a famous quote one day that sentence was “that was the most BORING day of my life!” Anyway the storms over now and everyone in this school is ok.
by Bella

The windy weather.
Since Monday morning there has been a massive storm that has blown over cars and trees and has made a lot of damage in very many villages.
Last night there was another big storm but not as big as the one on Monday . In our field there has been a massive Oak tree that has blown over and broken two big fences on either side of the tree; we had to pull it out with the tractor.

By Matty

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