Friday 1 October 2010

European Language Day 2010

Guest Post by William (Year 4)

On the 28th of September we had European language day and we learnt some Spanish, German and Italian.In assembly on the board we had some flags and we had to try and get the names all right in the end. Mr Pearce told us most of them but a few he didn’t know. In German we learnt our numbers up to ten; we also learnt a song about the months of the year and we sung it in assembly. 

At two o clock, Red class showed  some french flags that they had made and learnt how to say the colours that they used. 

At quarter to eleven in Italian we learnt our numbers up to ten as well. Afterwards we played a game while learning some of our colours. 

After lunch we got taught some Spanish. Mr Mansell was teaching us; we did it on the BBC website and we learnt how to say quite a lot of words. At the end we played a couple of games. 

My favourite bit probably was German because I didn't know any and I really wanted to learn some and my brothers know some and I wanted to as well.

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