Wednesday 3 March 2010

World Maths Day

Blue and Yellow classes started by warming up with the traditional logic problem of the farmer needing to get his chicken, grain and a fox across a river. The farmer is only able to ferry one item at a time to the other side, but needs to ensure that none of the items are left unattended which may eat another item! The children wrote down their ideas for how this could work and then acted them out.
They then undertook the 'Only Smarties Have the Answer' challenge. This involved the children working in groups of 3 or 4 investigating the contents of a fun-size box of smarties.
The children started by counting the contents of their own box.

Then they added the totals of the contents in their group together. This enabled them to work out the mean average per box within their group.

The different colours in each box and group were then sorted and this information was then transferred into a graph which could then be interpreted. This information was then shared with everyone else in large tables. The children also measured Smarties and then worked out the total length if they were placed side by side. The three most effective leaders were then awarded with a rather 'funky' calculator each for their sterling efforts. It had been a great morning for everyone.