Tuesday 24 November 2009

Earl Soham's Anti-Bullying Campaign

To fit in with Anti-Bullying Week, a series of assemblies have been held relating to the subject. We began by looking at the story of 'Patch the Botherer' - showing how being unkind affects so many others when the 'character' involved may not even realise what they are doing is wrong.

We also looked at the different kinds of bullying (verbal, physical, exclusion and cyber) and how these could be dealt with. The important message was that bullying cannot be allowed to happen and that the most important thing we can all do is make sure that we tell someone. Very often this is the first step to bullying being eradicated.

We also looked at the fact that bullying can really hurt our 'insides' and that this isn't visible like many other ways that we can get hurt.

A group of children in Blue Class were keen to show how we can all deal with bullying and wrote and performed a short play at the end of the week.