Friday 9 January 2009

A Rather Chilly Start To 2009!

A number of children braved the 'Arctic' type conditions to make the most of the recent snowfall. The children that wanted to 'experience' the wonders of the white stuff got up to all sorts including igloo making attempts, snow castles and the good old-fashioned throwing it at the teachers.

The children were superbly well behaved and not a single child fell over, although Mr Mansell did have a rather slippery moment.

Children from Red Class ventured out to take the temperature of
the snow and looked at how long it took to melt once back inside.
They also looked at why in some areas it had melted, yet in others
it hadn't.

All-in-all, a very interesting, if somewhat chilly week. Who knows what the weather will bring us next week!?