Friday 23 January 2015

Stop Child Labour!

The following was written by one of our year six girls, following some PSHE work on child labour. Please take a few minutes to read this, and if you agree with her, visit and donate now to help to make a difference.

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Stop child labour!

Unfortunately millions of children around the world are put into child labour. The jobs they have to do can go from being strapped to a camel for adults entertainment to life threatening situations like waiting with a gun with a huge risk of being shot at.These children can go from as young as four to fourteen.

Some six year olds are sent to Britain to beg, work in a restaurant and far worse.

Traffickers often trick mothers into thinking their child has a fantastic opportunity and will be completely safe. But alas the world is not this kind. The children are dragged out of their homes and carted off to a different country … to work.
Most jobs we know in Britain can be annoying but safe.
These children hardly have a hope that they’ll survive. They have to live their life in fear, because of these horrible selfish people.The thing that annoys me and puzzles me is their only in it for the profit.

These photos are not from the past they are from the present. As well as making me angry it disappoints me to know that our world is populated by some of these people.

What we all need to do now is pull together and help. But lots of adults and governments won’t help each other because they think the other one has a trick up their sleeve to get a lot of money. And usually there is. I learnt this in my lesson at school, I didn’t think, these words just came to me “why can’t they just shut up and do something!”

I said this because I am a child. And as children we can see these poor childrens point of view much better than most adults. I also learnt that lots of adults that lots of adults are sitting back and making the situation much too complicated. If we are going to save these children we need to pull together, put our differences aside just for a moment and act as a team. After all this is our world and we need to do everything we can to protect everyone on it!!!

I only had one question after that: what makes me so different from those children? And the main reason was our country had more money. Well, children are told to share. If we don’t then we are a bit selfish. But if the world doesn’t share children are killed!
This is what UNICEF has achieved: children smiling once more. So imagine what we could achieve if we worked together!

But I think we all know we haven’t yet done this. This is what have achieved. I don’t know how we can all live with ourselves knowing that one by one children are being killed, and we could do something if we worked together. But we are not.

Me, you, everyone has to help. I’m asking, I’m begging. I’m a child I know as children lots of us get our rights taken away from us but we don't need to be killed. So please come together, think and help! If you have read this and you still think it’s ok to do nothing, then I don’t think these children have a chance.Please. Help us.

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