Friday 7 December 2012

Blue Class - Emotions

This week, Blue Class have been writing poetry based on emotions. This afternoon these pieces were produced having built on their ideas over the course of the last 5 days.

I don't mean to be happy
or to be sad
and bad.
I'm good at smiling
that's just me
and if you don't like it
let it be.
My favourite thing
that puts a smile on my face
is the people around me
being happy.
If you don't believe me
come and see
I'm happy.
You're the only thing
that makes me smile.

He comes when you need him
He is always full of joy
He never stops smiling
He is never angry or sad
And he is always happy no matter what
What do you think I am ?

People think
I come with a rainbow
or a surprise
but I do not.
I can sometimes
but not always
for I am happiness.
All I ask for
is a child's love
and nothing else.
For when they are sad
or angry with something
I swallow 
those feelings inside
At Christmas when Santa's here
People think I'm not here
it's just Santa
but no, I'm always here.

I am who I am
I am who I am
why can't people accept that?
When I get scared
people make fun of me
when I cry
they call me names.
I accept who they are,
why can't they accept me?
I find it tedious
when will they stop?
I try not to care
but it just doesn't work.
Oh when will it stop?
I just have to get on
maybe one day I'll be happy
instead of being annoyed
which is what I am now.

It strangles sadness, despair, fear and anger
it delivers love, joy and hope
which all together equal something special.
It picks you up,
places you in the spot-light
and gives you amazing features.
It makes sure you're unique
different from everybody
inhabiting the planet.
It kills anxiety that has been
in your heart 
for ages.
It talks to you at night
and visits you
when you're lonely
It takes the weight
that lines your shoulders
and hurls them away
into the atmosphere.
It makes me strong
when I am not.

Anger strikes me
Nearly kicks me
It even hit me
I rarely get it
but when it comes
I just can't beat it.
I think I'll stick to joy.

Please, please
stop it, stop it
I don't like it
leave me alone.
Why can't you see that?
Don't make me cry
help me, help me
someone, please!
I can't stand it
Don't make me cry.

What should I do?
I've used up my mum's fave perfume
she'll find out soon
I hope she'll assume
that it was the dog!
Oh well...

He comes when you need him
He is always full of joy
He never stops smiling
He is never angry or sad
And he is always happy no matter what
What do you think I am?

Hello everyone
I love to smile
I never hide my shame
unless it's a trial.
I would never lie
because I get very shy
if I did
I'd offer you some pie.
I love pears
but I don't accept dares
if it was something bad
I'd have nightmares.

Anger, anger
it's all around us
left, right, up and down
anger's everywhere.
When you just go down
to the shop
when you drive through
your local town
I bet you'll see ANGER.

The boy who was alone
never spoke a word
always without a friend.
There he was
in the corner of the room
as soon as you spot him
he'd run away.
We never knew why...
You shine as you do the right things
for other people
but sometimes you can overdo a good thing
and it makes people angry
when someone breaks your memory
you get angry
but sometimes the lightning strikes
and you can't stop.
Why does that happen?
What should I do?
There's no going back
beginning to get lonesome.
It destroys the love inside you
it wants to destroy your happy life
and makes you despair
there's no going back.
When you get angry
it changes the whole of the world
inside of you
and everything becomes miserable.

It spreads laughter
it dries up your tears
it reigns over you
you wonder where it is?
You need it in your life
it's right there
if you need it
come and get it.

He is a man full of joy
with a face full of hope.
You can cuddle against him when you're sad
he can cheer you up in the darkest hours
for he lives inside everyone
and will do forever.
He destroys sadness within you
speeds around you with his big rosy cheeks.
He has a staff
that can spread laughter
and clouds disappear wherever he travels.
You must hope he never goes
as he takes away sadness
in this world. 

It makes me smile
as it rises up inside me.
It makes me sigh with bliss.
It overflows like water
infecting everyone it touches.
When I laugh I can't stop.
When it gets into my system
it comes and conquers everything.
It brings cheer
it brings joy
it makes me see the world
through different eyes.
It switches my mood
it turns me around
it conquers me
making me only feel...

I am the boy with a lonely sigh
I am the boy who will sit and cry
I am the boy who is sad and loopy
I am the boy who's never happy or loopy.
But, one day I will see
the world in peace and harmony.

It creeps up without me knowing
and takes me by surprise
my hands get sweaty and sticky
and I know I'm gonna cry.
They always expect so much
and sometimes I can deliver
but when it doesn't make sense
I start to feel myself shiver
and get in a complete mess...

I am happy today
because I have the biggest smile on my face
at school I made
a new friend.
Lucky me.
Even though i might not
be pretty or beautiful
I am still wonderful, kind
and caring.

Some people think
that their life is full of sorrow
always expecting sadness.
But in everybody's life
there will be happiness.
Most people treasure kindness
where others may not.
Kindness is important
it's what everybody needs.

I like the outside
I don't mind if they don't like me
I'm not going to change.
Maybe I can make friends with them
but I'm not going inside
It is so pretty out here.
I don't mind if you disagree,
I cannot change.

It swallows happiness
it destroys confidence
it supports despair
and encourages loneliness.
It drowns you in a sea of emptiness...
There's something missing
it's never there.
I wonder where it is,
where it is in the world?
I do not know.
There's something missing
it's never there.
Will it ever return?
I want to know
why I never see it.
There's something missing
it's never there.
I want it badly
I need it desperately
to guide me through life
though it isn't there.
There's something missing
it's never there.
There's no happiness without it
oh, when will it come?
I miss it all day and night.
There's something missing
it's never there
though when it comes back
happiness will reign.
There's something missing
it's never there.
When will it return?

Like a ball of light
it lights up the darkest night.
Sadness has no place to come in
when you're feeling like this -
chuck sadness in the bin.
You cannot beat it
it's invisible.
Try to beat it and you'll fail
it is indestructible.

My emotion is so hard to explain
it's like anger
and sadness
blended together
by a mixer in my stomach.

I make the most of my time
My smile is like the sun
my laugh lights the world
I make the most of my time
my friends respect who I am
and I appreciate that.
The one thing I try to do
is carry on lighting the world. 

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  1. Blue Class should be very proud of their work.The emotions expressed were very real to them and it showed in these excellent poems.
    I really enjoyed reading them,well done !


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